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As of April first 2020, CBD oil is remedy just in New Zealand. You need a clinical expert to keep in touch with you a remedy and afterward have them or a drug store source you the CBD oil. We would like to see this adjustment later on to coordinate worldwide patterns with numerous different nations permitting CBD to be bought on the web and over the counter however until further notice you can just get it legitimately through a specialists solution.

CBD Oil in New Zealand

As of April first 2020, CBD oil and cannabis items are inaccessible over the counter in New Zealand however solution CBD and affirmed cannabis oil is accessible. In the event that you have a specialist open to the utilization of CBD oil, they can keep in touch with you a solution for CBD oil. You would then be able to demand CBD from a neighborhood drug store or your primary care physician can source it. To study how to get CBD in NZ look at additional on our Buying CBD Oil Page or see the administration assets here. During lockdown, you can in any case get solution CBD by means of a tele-medication interview. In the event that you need assistance finding a specialist ready to endorse CBD, get in touch with us and we can suggest one. 


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